The Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) is a charming bird native to North America, known for its vibrant red plumage and melodious songs. These non-migratory birds are a delight to observe year-round, adding color and cheer to any backyard.With its brilliant red body and crest, the male Northern Cardinal is a striking sight against the green foliage. Females sport a softer blend of brown tones with hints of red on their wings and tail. Both genders feature a distinctive crest atop their heads, adding to their allure.

‍Northern Cardinals are renowned for their sweet, whistled songs, which can be heard throughout the day. Their melodic tunes vary from soft and musical to loud and emphatic, providing a delightful soundtrack to any outdoor space, especially during the breeding season.

‍Unlike migratory birds, Northern Cardinals stay in their territories year-round, making them a constant presence in many backyards. With the right food, water, and shelter, these birds readily make themselves at home, bringing joy to observers throughout the seasons.

Feeding Preferences - Northern Cardinals primarily feed on seeds, favoring sunflower and safflower seeds, as well as cracked corn. Providing a variety of seed feeders and fresh water sources will attract these charming birds to your backyard.

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